kitchens Installation And Maintaining

A specialized tool designed to streamline and facilitate the planning, execution, and monitoring of kitchen installation, remodeling, and maintenance projects. This software empowers contractors, designers, and project managers to efficiently coordinate various tasks and resources involved in creating and maintaining functional and aesthetically pleasing kitchens.

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You will get:

1. Engineering Works Management

Define your building types
Clients management system, no repeated info, each client has a profile that you can access from anywhere
Define your design types that you're using
Define your forms and prints one time and use them as many as you need
Define your different licenses types you're need
Projects management system, determine participants, required forms and prints, and designs for each project
Contracts management system. Add contracts to projects with the capability of installments and collect payments
Follow the progress of your projects and divide the project to stages, with determining the administrator engineer for each stage
Following up on processing transactions like municipal transactions and others with alerts for incomplete transactions
Print forms and contracts directly from the system
Installation contracts
Maintenance contracts
Additional works
Visits with alerts for overdue visits
Repair requests with alerts for overdue repairs
The system contains the latest forms and government papers

2. Accounting

Manage your financial accounts and decide who can view and spend from them
Transfer money between financial accounts with control of the conversion factor while transferring
Define your payments types
Collect all your payments from one page
Invoice installments, the system will distribute them for you over months and you can adjust and reschedule anytime later
Define your payment methods and divide the receipt' payment upon them
Track all your financial transactions and view its source with 1-click
Banking contracts with monitoring of principal payments and profit payments.
Create expenses lists and expense them later
Define your expense types
Determine which financial account to expense from
Automatic financial deduction after expense
Each branch has its own expenses

3. Inventory Management

Define different classifications. You can arrange the ratings like a tree with an infinite number of levels
A screen to adjust prices with the ability to filter by classification, name or code. Possibility to undo modifications
Items with their details, specifying the security limit and the minimum stock quantity. Likewise, each brand has different specifications, such as the book has the “publishing house” and the “author” while the car has the “engine type” and the “year of manufacture.”
One category may be listed under more than one classification
The categories have common data such as the name and the image, but you can also add special specifications for each category, for example, if the category is "books", you can add "publishing house" and "author's name".
A complete record of price modifications, with the possibility of writing a comment for the reason for the modification, for later reference
Covers can be defined for each item, such as "a pill" and "carton", for later use in purchase orders, stock transfers, and sales.
The items can contain an expiration date, and the store has been processed so that you can follow up on all the validity with alerts about expiration, and the system can track the items in different purchase orders that have different validity dates
You can know the current status of the store at any time, and with advanced indicators through which you know the quantities for each item
An advanced inventory tracking system so that you can make an inventory of all or part of the store without stopping the buying and selling operations
You can inventory an item or a bin
Transfer stock internally between cans with a record of previous transfers
Transferring items between warehouses and tracking them from the beginning of the transfer request and their exit from the warehouse until their arrival and entry to the required warehouse
Purchase orders and follow-up until they are entered into the store, with the possibility of defining and following up their installments with a screen for making returns for the supplier
Supplier data with complete details
The system is equipped to deal with more than one store with the possibility of transferring between them
Quick layout of the store, including corridors, shelves, and boxes, with different colors for the shelves
You can add a package to more than one item at once, such as adding a "Box" for 50 items, for example

4. Sales Management

Add offers with the ability to specify the price, discount percentage, offer period, and choose the contents of the offer from the store. You can stop the offer at any time without deleting it.
Price offers and follow-up with the customer on everything that happens to them, and transfer them to an invoice after approval or cancellation
Definition of services and their prices with descriptions and pictures

5. Purchases

6. Basics

Sending instant notifications to the employees on their computers and mobiles
Add and assign them to employees, create sub-workflows, add notes, link them to their sources, like adding workflow for an invoice, expense, ...
Searching in all attachments that uploaded anywhere in the system from one screen
Adding notes for your work. You can make a ready-made suggestions list and choose from it instead typing to make it even easier
Defining your own tasks categories
Advanced audit system that tracks all operations done by employees, who made it?, when did it happen? and from where?
Add your tasks and assign them to your employees, the task can be assigned to one employee or more. You can make it repeated tasks which can be repeated for number of occurrences, or to specific date. You can attach files, add notes, add online meeting link, and Google location
Let the system reminds you with your task by telling it when to send notifications, like 1-day before a task, also you will get a dashboard that tells you which tasks you have today, tomorrow, this week, this month. Also you will get charts indicate tasks statuses, how many finished, how many late. Tasks distributions on employees, and more ...
Creating authorization groups and assigning them to users to get control on all operations
Advanced automatic services that do thing for you, like maintaining the file system, sending notifications, and more...
Multi-branches capability, you can add users for each branch. Admins can get access to all/some branches
Chatting like WhatsApp, you can create groups and employees can talk to each others and send attachments, videos, documents, images and even record voices. You have full access to these chat' messages Get your own chat like WhatsApp, you can create groups and employees can talk to each others and send attachments, videos, documents, images and even record voices. You have full access to these chat' messages
Controlling Arabic interface, you can change words, messages, anything on the screen with instant update
Defining your own tasks statuses, like started, in progress, finished, ...
Controlling printings and reports. With our advanced report designer, you can modify your prints and reports, you can even create your own reports and prints with yourself
Send Emails and SMS directly from the system
Control the look of your Emails, like the header, footer, receipt, invoice, ...
You can specify an expiration date for the attached files, such as a passport photo, and the system will alert you when its date approaches
Sending notifications to users that reach them via mobile phones and computers, they can be sent immediately or set a time for the system to send them later