Auto Dealers

Auto Dealers Software is a comprehensive software solution designed specifically for automotive dealerships to streamline and automate their operations. It offers a range of features and tools to manage various aspects of the dealership's day-to-day activities, from sales and inventory management to customer relationship management (CRM) and accounting.

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You will get:

1. Vehicles

Follow-up fuel and kilometers for cars
Multiple branches with moving cars between them
Registration of car movements outside the rental
Add periodic maintenance and the system alerts you when you reach the specified kilometers or at a specific date
Car rental contracts with the possibility of leasing to individuals or companies
Various reports showing the condition of cars in terms of rental, year of manufacture and model
Late rental car alerts
Car data and insurance data

2. Shipping

Track the progress and location of shipments during the shipping process.
Managing shipping carriers
Tracking numbers and barcodes associated with each shipment
Customized tracking stages, you can define your stages with custom colors

3. Accounting

Manage your financial accounts and decide who can view and spend from them
Transfer money between financial accounts with control of the conversion factor while transferring
Define your payments types
Collect all your payments from one page
Invoice installments, the system will distribute them for you over months and you can adjust and reschedule anytime later
Define your payment methods and divide the receipt' payment upon them
Track all your financial transactions and view its source with 1-click
Banking contracts with monitoring of principal payments and profit payments.
Create expenses lists and expense them later
Define your expense types
Determine which financial account to expense from
Automatic financial deduction after expense
Each branch has its own expenses

4. HR Management

Define additions and continues additions
Define deductions and continues deductions
Administrative decisions, all users will get notified immediately on their mobile and computers
Define multiple shifts for each branch and assign them to the employees
Automatic attendance read from attendance devices, with the capability of manual updating
Official holidays screen
Custodes. Define your custodes types, custodes, and assign them to employees
Custodies. Custom attributes for each custody type, like, if car, plate number, model, year, ...
End of service, the system will calculate everything for you
Employees complaints management, with notifications of not closed complaints
Promotions and job title changes
Employees licenses. Add their licenses and get notification before expire date
Salary changes
Employee contracts. Get notified before they end
Define your departments and job titles
Meeting management system. Add meetings and define their participants, discussion points, the meeting can be with or without voting
Meeting management system. Determine the place or online meeting link and share it with the participants
Meeting management system. Participants will be notified before meeting start
Meetings. Define your own meeting types to categorize your meetings
Vacations. Annual, custom, and encashments vacations
Sick leaves. Define your own deductions and customize it for each employee. The system will tell you how much the consumption and remaining
Each branch can have its own HR configurations, this will be handy if the business has branches in other countries with different laws
Payroll. The system will calculate everything for you and give you summary and details for all its components
Define the types of achievements, rewards, violations, and penalties to later use them in evaluating each of the branch employees, with the possibility of adding/deducting a financial amount or workdays

5. Basics

Sending instant notifications to the employees on their computers and mobiles
Add and assign them to employees, create sub-workflows, add notes, link them to their sources, like adding workflow for an invoice, expense, ...
Searching in all attachments that uploaded anywhere in the system from one screen
Adding notes for your work. You can make a ready-made suggestions list and choose from it instead typing to make it even easier
Defining your own tasks categories
Advanced audit system that tracks all operations done by employees, who made it?, when did it happen? and from where?
Add your tasks and assign them to your employees, the task can be assigned to one employee or more. You can make it repeated tasks which can be repeated for number of occurrences, or to specific date. You can attach files, add notes, add online meeting link, and Google location
Let the system reminds you with your task by telling it when to send notifications, like 1-day before a task, also you will get a dashboard that tells you which tasks you have today, tomorrow, this week, this month. Also you will get charts indicate tasks statuses, how many finished, how many late. Tasks distributions on employees, and more ...
Creating authorization groups and assigning them to users to get control on all operations
Advanced automatic services that do thing for you, like maintaining the file system, sending notifications, and more...
Multi-branches capability, you can add users for each branch. Admins can get access to all/some branches
Chatting like WhatsApp, you can create groups and employees can talk to each others and send attachments, videos, documents, images and even record voices. You have full access to these chat' messages Get your own chat like WhatsApp, you can create groups and employees can talk to each others and send attachments, videos, documents, images and even record voices. You have full access to these chat' messages
Controlling Arabic interface, you can change words, messages, anything on the screen with instant update
Defining your own tasks statuses, like started, in progress, finished, ...
Controlling printings and reports. With our advanced report designer, you can modify your prints and reports, you can even create your own reports and prints with yourself
Send Emails and SMS directly from the system
Control the look of your Emails, like the header, footer, receipt, invoice, ...
You can specify an expiration date for the attached files, such as a passport photo, and the system will alert you when its date approaches
Sending notifications to users that reach them via mobile phones and computers, they can be sent immediately or set a time for the system to send them later