How to buy from Amazon

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How to find what you want and confirm the final price, seller reputation, and shipping from Amazon.


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  • فلترة المنتجات
  • ما هو السعر النهائي الذي ستدفعه؟
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  • كيف تتأكد من البائع؟
  • كيف أتأكد من الشحن؟
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Select the country you will ship to

You must choose the country to which you will ship to make sure that the company that owns the product is able to ship to this country.

Don't be fooled by the search results

While searching on Amazon, you will see a "Amazon's Choice" mark in some of the results, which says "Amazon's Choice recommends highly rated and well-priced products". The problem here is that Amazon does not tell us how and when to choose the products on which this mark appears, so you should not assume that this product is the best quality or the lowest price without examining other products.

First results you may see the label "Sponsored" and it means that this search result appeared in the first because that company paid Amazon to appear in the search results in the first and not because it is the best.

Filter Products

You can further narrow your search results by sorting products by price, seller rating, or ...

On the side, you will also find product specifications such as color, rating, manufacturer, etc. which make it easy for you to search.

You selected the product? Click on the product link to go to it's details page.

What is the final price you will pay?

Remember that the price displayed is the price of the product only, excluding shipping costs and other things. In order to be sure of the final price that you will pay, click on the blue link directly below the price

Here you find the advertised price is $9.99, but its final price is $32.96.

Are you going to buy one piece or more?

The default is 1 unit from this product, but you can increase the number.

Does the number increase the shipping price?

Yes. Some products increase the fees according to the number/weight. You can review shipping details for the Middle East from here

How do you confirm the seller?

You will see the phrase “Ships from and sold by company name. This means that this company is responsible for everything from shipping to customer service and returns.

Click on the company name link to go to the company's page to view reviews, refund policy, shipping methods, company policies, and all its products.

It is also important to make sure of the overall rating and the number of assessors as the larger the number of evaluators the better.

Read some reviews to see if several customers are satisfied or not with this product.

What about the shipping?

Shipping varies depending on the seller, some ship by themselves and some ship through Amazon, for example this seller ships through Amazon.

* Some items have free shipping.

Shipping speed varies from product to product. Some products have free standard shipping for four to five days, so always check the expected delivery date.

If you don't need the product now, Amazon sometimes offers a reward or discount whenever you agree to receive an order in six days.

Don't forget to compare the product with a store other than Amazon, as you may find a better deal there such as e-bay, Walmart, Alibaba and others.

You settled on the product to buy?

Add the product to the cart if you intend to buy other products or click "Buy Now" to go to the payment page.

Amazon will require you to log in or create an account with it before paying.

Shipping Details

Here you will fill in the shipping information, which is your name and the address that the seller will send the product to.

Some people prefer to receive their shipment during the weekend, and you can choose that from here

How will you receive the bill?

Below will Amazon ask you where to send the invoice?

It will most likely be the same address, but chances are you want to send it to another address such as the company you work for.

How are you going to pay?

Amazon gives you the freedom to choose from many different payment methods. Choose the one you use and confirm your purchase order.

After the purchase requisition is executed, makesure it is successful ....

Thanks for reading this article. Please leave a comment below if you find this article helpful or you have any doubts/feedback.

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